My father, Royston Evans, was a devoted artist and educator who spent most of his life doing one kind of art or other. He won many awards for his commercial artwork and then enjoyed a successful career teaching at the Alberta College of Art. On the following pages I will post a great deal of the artwork that Roy did over the years including some of his first drawings done when he was a student in London, some of his commercial work, and various paintings. The first of these consist of the small, intimate watercolours that Roy did during the last years of his life. He had left all the pretensions of “Art” behind toward the end of his life and enjoyed doing very small paintings with watercolour. These were works of pure enjoyment for him and, though humble, stand as a fitting testament to a man who loved art for the sake of its aesthetic pleasure. Roy was the most generous man I ever knew and we enjoyed many years of working together very closely. I include his work here because without him I would have never have lifted a paintbrush.



My Visual Memoirs

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